Sex Toys – The Vibrating Technology Revolution

I have to admit that when asked to take a look at some Fun Factory Toys that were shipped in to the office I did a little happy dance. Being the only female in the Geekool offices made me the ideal candidate for the job and I quickly accepted before any of the guys realized what a hero they’d be to their wives and girlfriends if they brought these toys home.

Australia’s only authorised shop for Fun Factory products – Visit the Australian Fun Factory shop here at…

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Mobile Users are Overtaking the Net

It was only a couple of years ago that if you wanted to go online you would power up your computer, go into your web browser and start to search. Maybe you’d make your way over to Facebook, then after that to your Gmail. In only a matter of a few short years times have drastically changed and while you can still access everything you need from your desktop more users are accessing the net solely through their smartphones. Pull your phone out of your pocket, click on an app, …

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How the New Visual Search Tool from Pinterest May Change the Way You Search and Shop

Many of us have wasted a few hours browsing upon Pinterest and it’s a great way to assemble a catalog of ideas for things that you want to keep. Like the ideal bookmarking site, Pinterest allows users to bookmark images from sites and then link back to that site and “pin” them into boards for easy access. It also allows users to browse other pins and it serves as creative inspiration for many or a good way to while away some free time for others.

Now with the introduction of …

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New Advances in Nanotech Research Will Lead to New, Cheaper Tech

When you’re playing that new super life-like video on your crisp LED TV while listening to your music from your laptop you have nanotechnology to thank for it. The science behind the study of extremely small things relating to engineering and materials science, nanotechnology works with parts that are generally 1/100,000th the width of a newspaper page, and it’s these incredibly small parts that come together to make the technology you depend on like computer chips.

The problem up until now has been that when material scientists fuse together these …

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Is Artificial Intelligence Dangerous?

While we marvel at all the technological advances of the past years that have brought us devices like self-driving cars, drones, and robots that can talk and learn from you, others are wondering if there isn’t an inherent danger to incorporating so much artificial intelligence into our lives.

Why Are We Seeing So Much More Artificial Intelligence.
There are a myriad of factors driving AI technology that include better manufacturing equipment and the our ever expanding understanding of robotics but two of the most important factors advancing this trend are …

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